Get What's Yours By Laurence J. Kotlikoff

Get What’s Yours By Laurence J. Kotlikoff

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Get What's Yours PDF Free Download are available. Get What's Yours by Laurence J. Kotlikoff is Self Help genre famous book. You can download it here.

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Get What’s Yours By Laurence J. Kotlikoff: This is a novel by American writer Laurence J. Kotlikoff. It was his Self Help genre book. It was originally published in USA by Simon and Schuster 2015.

Original Title:  Get What’s Yours
Genre:  Self Help
Author:  Laurence J. Kotlikoff
Publisher:   Simon and Schuster
Language:  English
Country:  USA
Publication Date:  2015
Pages:  286
File Size:  3.9 MB

Get What’s Yours Summary

Learn the secrets to maximizing your Social Security benefits and earn up to thousands of dollars more each year with expert advice that you can’t get anywhere else.

Want to know how to navigate the forbidding maze of Social Security and emerge with the highest possible benefits? You could try reading all 2,728 rules of the Social Security system (and the thousands of explanations of these rules), but Kotlikoff, Moeller, and Solman explain Social Security benefits in an easy to understand and user-friendly style. What you don’t know can seriously hurt you: wrong decisions about which Social Security benefits to apply for cost some individual retirees tens of thousands of dollars in lost income every year.

How many retirees or those nearing retirement know about such Social Security options as file and suspend (apply for benefits and then don’t take them)? Or start stop start (start benefits, stop them, then re-start them)? Or just as important when and how to use these techniques? Get What’s Yours covers the most frequent benefit scenarios faced by married retired couples, by divorced retirees, by widows and widowers, among others. It explains what to do if you’re a retired parent of dependent children, disabled, or an eligible beneficiary who continues to work, and how to plan wisely before retirement. It addresses the tax consequences of your choices, as well as the financial implications for other investments.

Many personal finance books briefly address Social Security, but none offers the thorough, authoritative, yet conversational analysis found here. You’ve paid all your working life for these benefits. Now, get what’s yours.

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