Eagle Strike By Anthony Horowitz

Eagle Strike By Anthony Horowitz

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Eagle Strike PDF Free Download are available. Eagle Strike by Anthony Horowitz is Young Adult, Fiction, Adventure genre famous book. You can download it here.

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Eagle Strike By Anthony Horowitz: This is a novel by English writer Anthony Horowitz. It was his Young Adult, Fiction, Adventure genre book. It was originally published in USA by National Geographic Books 2006.

Original Title:  Eagle Strike
Genre:   Young Adult, Fiction, Adventure
Author:  Anthony Horowitz
Publisher:  National Geographic Books
Series:  Alex Rider #4
Language:  English
Country:  USA
Publication Date:  2006
Pages:  215
File Size:  1.50 MB

Eagle Strike Book Summary

Sir Damian Cray is a philanthropist, peace activist, and the world’s most famous pop star. But still it’s not enough. He needs more if he is to save the world. Trouble is, only Alex Rider recognizes that it’s the world that needs saving from Sir Damian Cray. Underneath the luster of glamour and fame lies a twisted mind, ready to sacrifice the world for his beliefs. But in the past, Alex has always had the backing of the government. This time, he’s on his own. Can one teenager convince the world that the most popular man on earth is a madman bent on destruction–before time runs out?

From the author of Magpie Murders and Moriarty .

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