Bittersweet By Morgan Elizabeth

Bittersweet By Morgan Elizabeth

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Bittersweet Book PDF Free Download are available. Bittersweet by Morgan Elizabeth is   Romance, Contemporary Fiction genre famous book. You can download it here.

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Bittersweet By Morgan Elizabeth: This is a novel by american writer Morgan Elizabeth. It was her Romance, Contemporary Fiction genre book. It was originally published in USA by Morgan Elizabeth 2022.

Bittersweet By Morgan Elizabeth Book Overview

Original Title:  Bittersweet
Genre:   Romance, Contemporary Fiction
Author:  Morgan Elizabeth
Publisher:  Morgan Elizabeth
Series:  Ocean View #3
Language:  English
Country:  USA
Publication Date:  2022
Pages:  347
File Size:  1.73 MB

Bittersweet Book Summary

Most life changes start with a wake up call.

Lola Turner’s wake up call came in the form of saving her politician father one too many times.

Now she’s determined to be ‘New Lola’ – the version of herself that has always been hiding beneath duty, guilt, promises, and secrets since her mother passed away when she was 15.

But the problem with a wake up call is you’re the only one to get it. So even though she’s moving on, starting her own bakery on the Ocean View boardwalk, the mess that her father always seems to get himself into still is finding its way to her.
Ben Coleman left his hometown and the family business that should have been his to pursue his true passion: art and tattooing. Coleman Ink has become his world, and he’s tailored the business to fit his life the way he wants it, rather than the life that was originally laid out for him.

Until early one morning he’s woken up by what he thinks is an intruder only to find it’s just his new neighbor. His new neighbor, who has no regard for her own safety, wakes up way too early, and seems to have made it her job to tempt him.

But what happens when the grumpy neighbor decides that it’s his job to keep her safe, even if she drives him insane? Will Lola open up and share her burden with someone else? Will she be able to keep her family’s secrets without getting hurt?

Bittersweet is a contemporary grumpy sunshine, enemies to lovers romance. It is book three in the Ocean View series, but can be read as a standalone.

It is a full-length romance with a Happily Ever After that features sexually explicit material and profanity. This book is intended for 18+

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