All the Beautiful Lies By Peter Swanson

All the Beautiful Lies By Peter Swanson

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All the Beautiful Lies Book PDF Free Download are available. All the Beautiful Lies by Peter Swanson is Mystery, Thrillers, Fiction genre famous book. You can download it here.

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All the Beautiful Lies By Peter Swanson: This is a novel by American writer Peter Swanson. It was his Mystery, Thrillers, Fiction genre book. It was originally published in USA by HarperCollins 2018.

Original Title:  All the Beautiful Lies
Genre:   Thrillers, Mystery, Fiction 
Author:  Peter Swanson
Publisher:   HarperCollins
Language:  English
Country:  USA
Publication Date:  2018
Pages:  241
File Size:  1.04 MB

All the Beautiful Lies Book Summary

From the acclaimed author of Her Every Fear and The Kind Worth Killing comes a diabolically clever tale of obsession, revenge, and cold-blooded murder—a sly and brilliant guessing game of a novel in the vein of Ruth Ware, Paula Hawkins, and Patricia Highsmith.

Harry Ackerson has always considered his stepmother Alice to be sexy and beautiful, in an “otherworldly” way. She has always been kind and attentive, if a little aloof in the last few years.

Days before his college graduation, Alice calls with shocking news. His father is dead and the police think it’s suicide. Devastated, Harry returns to his father’s home in Maine. There, he and Alice will help each other pick up of the pieces of their lives and uncover what happened to his father.

Shortly after he arrives, Harry meets a mysterious young woman named Grace McGowan. Though she claims to be new to the area, Harry begins to suspect that Grace may not be a complete stranger to his family. But she isn’t the only attractive woman taking an interest in Harry. The sensual Alice is also growing closer, coming on to him in an enticing, clearly sexual way.

Mesmerized by these two women, Harry finds himself falling deeper under their spell. Yet the closer he gets to them, the more isolated he feels, disoriented by a growing fear that both women are hiding dangerous—even deadly—secrets . . . and that neither one is telling the truth.

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